The MIT School of Science has announced the 2017 winners of the Infinite Kilometer Award. The Infinite Kilometer Award was established in 2012 to highlight and reward the extraordinary — but often underrecognized — work of the school’s research staff and postdocs.

Recipients of the award are exceptional contributors to their research programs. In many cases, they are also deeply committed to their local or global MIT community, and are frequently involved in mentoring and advising their junior colleagues, participating in the school’s educational programs, making contributions to the MIT Postdoctoral Association, or contributing to some other facet of the MIT community.

In addition to a monetary award, honorees and their colleagues, friends, and family are invited to a celebratory lunch in May.

The 2017 Infinite Kilometer winners are:

Rodrigo Garcia, McGovern Institute for Brain Research;

Lydia Herzel, Department of Biology;

Yutaro Iiyama, Laboratory for Nuclear Science;

Kendrick Jones, Picower Institute for Learning and Memory;

Matthew Musgrave, Laboratory for Nuclear Science;

Cody Siciliano, Picower Institute for Learning and Memory;

Peter Sudmant, Department of Biology;

Ashley Watson, Picower Institute for Learning and Memory.

Nominations are usually due in February, and all School of Science employees are eligible. Infinite Mile Awards will be presented with the Infinite Kilometer Awards this spring.