The MIT School of Science carries out research at the frontier of science. We discover answers to deep basic questions, as well as solutions to critical real-world problems. Providing our brilliant and creative scientists with the resources they need is expensive. We invite you to contribute to this effort with your financial support.

How you can help

Aging Brain Initiative Fund

The Aging Brain Initiative is an Institute-wide interdisciplinary research effort to solve the mysteries of the aging brain — memory loss, cognitive decline, and dementia. The initiative spans neuroscience, fundamental biology and genetics, investigative medicine, economics, chemistry, urban planning, and artificial intelligence. MIT sits uniquely positioned to develop treatments and technologies for Alzheimer’s dementia due to our world-leading faculty expertise in science, engineering, drug development and innovation, and because we are situated at the epicenter of the largest concentration of biotechnology companies and research centers in the world. You can help get us closer to real, effective treatments.

Fund: 3895642

School of Science Fellowship Fund

Our graduate students are bright, innovative, and curious. While these individuals are learning to be the next generation of leading scientists, they work as trainees with our faculty to help with ongoing research projects. The School of Science Fellowship Fund enables us to support these wonderful students. Your contributions to this fund provide financial support based on merit and on the need of the recipients.

Fund: 3913400

Dean of Science Discretionary Fund

Your unrestricted support of the School of Science allows the dean to seize opportunities and address unforeseen challenges, whenever or wherever they arise. From recruiting and retaining the best scientific minds to providing funds for graduate student to present their papers at prestigious conferences, discretionary funds are essential to the scientific enterprise.

Fund: 3874500


If you would like to know more about supporting the School of Science, please contact:
Elizabeth Chadis
Assistant Dean for Development