The MIT School of Science annually celebrates faculty members who demonstrate excellence in teaching. Nomination letters (which can be entered below) from faculty, staff and students are welcome during the spring semester of each academic year. If submitting a nomination on behalf of a group, individual letters may be sent, which will then be compiled, or a single letter from multiple nominators may be submitted. Multiple nominations for the same candidate are accepted.

Undergraduate Education

The School of Science Teaching Prize for Undergraduate Education recognizes outstanding teaching not only in undergraduate subjects with large enrollments (such as those that satisfy the General Institute Requirements in science), but also in upper-level science subjects in which enrollments are smaller.

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Graduate Education

The School of Science Teaching Prize for Graduate Education often honors teaching of mainstream subjects in which fundamental principles of the relevant fields are presented. Such courses typically provide the basis for advanced education and research and prepare students for professional careers.

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Only School of Science faculty (not teaching assistants, or instructors, etc.) are eligible for the award.
Rules and guidelines
  • Faculty must teach a course in Course 5 (Chemistry), Course 7 (Biology), Course 9 (Brain and Cognitive Sciences), Course 8 (Physics), Course 12 (Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences), or Course 18 (Mathematics).
  • Courses may be a General Institute Requirement (GIR) or a specialized science subject.
Group nominations by faculty and/or staff are encouraged.
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