School of Science faculty members below the level of full professor, are eligible to receive up to $7,500 in reimbursements for child care expenses per year per child.  The department provides the funds for the first child and the school provides the funds for their siblings. The childcare reimbursement policy applies to pre-kindergarten children and will be provided on an annual basis.  Please note that this benefit supplements and does not replace the standing Dependent Care Policies.


  • For faculty with pre-existing agreements regarding childcare support, either this benefit or the previously negotiated benefit may be chosen (whichever is greater).
  • Departments fund the costs associated with the first child.  The School funds any additional children covered under the program.  For the Dean’s contribution, please use cost object 1526523.  Please include the names and dates of birth for children who are being covered under the program.
  • This reimbursement can apply to all pre-k children, annually with the funding period to coincide with the academic year.
  • For any questions, please contact Heather Williams, 617-253-8904.

Please see the School’s website for additional information on faculty family benefits: