Each year, MIT may nominate up to four individuals for the Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship. The deans of the MIT School of Science and the MIT School of Engineering each may nominate two students as put forward by their department heads.

School of Science: Rupert Li, Mathematics
School of Engineering: Audrey Xie, Mathematics and Computer Science

School of Science: Zoë Marschner, Computer Science and Mathematics
School of Engineering: Charlotte Wickert, Nuclear Science and Engineering Physics

School of Science: Karna Morey, Physics; Tara Venkatadri, Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences; Lily Zhang Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences and Physics
School of Engineering: Spencer Compton, Computer Science and Engineering

School of Science: Katie Collins, Brain and Cognitive Sciences; Vaishnavi Phadnis, Biology
School of Engineering: Vaibhavi Shah, Biological Engineering

School of Science: Ashwin Sah, Mathematics; Megan Yamoah, Physics
School of Engineering: Steven Truong, Biological Engineering

School of Science: Meenakshi Chakraborty, Computer Science and Molecular Biology; Zachary Bogorad, Physics (honorable mention)
School of Engineering: Anna Sappington, Computer Science and Molecular Biology; Janice Ong, Chemical Engineering (honorable mention)

School of Science: Hannah Diehl, Physics
School of Engineering: Bryce Hwang, EECS

School of Science: Felipe Hernandez, Math; Julia Page, Chemistry
School of Engineering: Kaustav Gopinathan, EEES; Margaret Guo, EECS

School of Science: Carl Lian, Mathematics
School of Engineering: Daniel Kang, EECS

School of Science: Honorable Mention to Catherine Koch, Biology
School of Engineering: Colleen Loynachan, Materials Science and Engineering

School of Science: Nityan L. Nair, Physics; P. Bryan Changala, Chemistry

School of Engineering: Joshua D. Cohen, Mechanical Engineering; Shaunak Kishore, EECS

School of Science: Alex T. Via, Chemistry; Vinay Tripuraneni, Biology
School of Engineering: Allen Lin, Chemical Engineering; Omar Abudayyeh, Mechanical Engineering

School of Science: Maria Monks, Mathematics; Sidney Cruetz, Chemistry
School of Engineering: Vidya Ganapati, EECS; Alvin Chen, Chemistry

School of Science: Sunny S. Lou, Biology; Annelise Beck, Chemistry
School of Engineering: Jennifer E. Yeh, Chemical Engineering

School of Science: George S. Zaidan, Chemistry
School of Engineering: Lucia Tian Tian, EECS

School of Science: Daniel Kane, Mathematics/ Physics
School of Engineering: Jennifer Choy, Nuclear Science & Engineering/Physics; Alexander Bagley, Chemical Engineering/Biology

School of Science: Jacob Fox, Mathematics; Alicia Zhou, Biology
School of Engineering: Kevin K. Miu, Mechanical Engineering

School of Science: Andrew J. Danford, Jr., Chemistry; Vivek Venkatachalam, Soph., Physics
School of Engineering: Kathy C. Lin, Jr. Civil Engineering; Peter G. Miller, Jr., Chemical Engineering

School of Science: Irit Rappley, Jr., Brain and Cognitive Sciences
School of Engineering: Aadel Chaudhui, Jr., Electrical Eng/Biology; Lauren Tsai, Jr., Mechanical Engineering

School of Science: Jason Rolfe, Jr., Mathematics
School of Engineering: Bradley Olsen, Jr., Chemical Engineering; Terry Yu, Electrical Engineering/Physics