Through a partnership with the School of Science, the Office of the Dean for Graduate Education and the science departments at MIT, the Dean of Science is pleased to offer a fellowship to 20 students each year. The fellowship provides support for a student’s first three years at MIT. Departments may nominate individuals of merit befitting of becoming a fellow.

Below are some details about the fellowship for those selected:

This fellowship will support your first three years at MIT, and will include a competitive stipend, full tuition, and health insurance. We will also provide you with a $7,500 discretionary fund for moving expenses, attending conferences, technology, supplies, and other academic related costs. Accepting this fellowship will enable you to pursue graduate education in one of the most challenging and exciting academic environments in the world. MIT faculty members are among the most creative and accomplished in their fields, and the scientific and technological advances realized here are unparalleled.

For questions regarding this fellowship, please explore our FAQ below or contact the appropriate department’s Academic Administrator or Ann E. Warner-Harvey in the School of Science Dean’s Office.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • How do I nominate someone or apply?
    • Department heads nominate candidates for this fellowship during the annual admissions cycle.
  • Are there any special events specifically for Dean’s Fellows?
    • Yes, there is an annual dinner for the fellows.
  • When can the funds be used?
    • Can be used at any time during your graduate appointment (summer included).
  • Does the funding cover all twelve months in each year supported?
    • No, the funding covers three academic years, meaning nine months of each calendar year (equaling 27 months total).
  • How can I use this award in conjunction with another?
    • If interfering with another internal (MIT-sourced) award, please contact Ann E. Warner-Harvey.
    • If interfering with an external award (e.g., NSF fellowship), the science fellowship may be deferred.
  • Does this fellowship increase my monthly stipend?
    • No, this fellowship covers your standard stipend at the TA/Fellowship rate.
  • How can I use the funds?
    • Submit invoices and track your spending here.
    • You can also submit receipts to Kariuki Thande at for reimbursement. Please keep in mind, since MIT is a tax exempt institute, the tax portion of the purchase cannot be reimbursed.
    • Or you can send Kariuki the items you want to purchase, he can order for you and charge it to the fellowship account.
  • What can be reimbursed?
    • Relocation expenses:  Vehicle rental fees, airfare, hotel and moving supplies. 
      • Personal Auto:  keep receipts for tolls.  You will be reimbursed for fuel and auto wear at the Standard Mileage Rate established annually by the IRS. 
      • Moving Company Policies: If moving companies are hired for relocation, please submit the bill of lading, and a proof of payment to the movers such as financial transaction statement or a copy of check.   If a friend or family member hired the moving company on your behalf, please note the person’s relationship to you.  
      • Rent Assistance: We can provide first and last months’ rent for deposit, but not the security deposit.
    • Scholarly expenses: Office supplies, laptops, tablets, computer supplies, books, and other academic related costs, and research/scholarly travel:  airfare, hotel, meals, conference fees.
  • What documents are sufficient for reimbursement?
    • Invoices, itemized receipts, hotel receipts at checkout
  • Want to know about the balance?
    • It is recommended to keep a record of your spending and subtract expenses from $7,500 allowance.
    • Use the portal to check your spending.
    • Kariuki will also send updates at end of fiscal year with unspent balance of the fellowship.
  • Who should I contact if I have more questions?
    • Contact the appropriate science department,
    • or Ann E. Warner-Harvey, Assistant Dean of Human Resources and Administration in the School of Science:, or the graduate program office.

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