The Department of Chemistry at MIT is recognized as one of the top chemistry departments in the world, paving the way in both education and research. Its illustrious history shares the MIT tradition of excellence. 

The department's strong record of achievement is based on its pioneering advances in chemical research and its success in incorporating these advances into our educational mission. Chemistry is truly the central science and underpins much of the efforts of scientists and engineers to improve life for humankind. MIT Chemistry is taking a leading role in experimentally and theoretically probing chemistry at its most fundamental level, discovering new chemical syntheses, creating sustainable energy, unraveling the biochemical complexities of natural systems, improving the environment, detecting and curing disease, and developing materials with new properties. Many fundamental discoveries made in our department have found their way into practical applications ranging from polymer synthesis to medical imaging. 






Selected Awards and Honors

  • American Physical Society Fellow, Sylvia Teresse Ceyer
  • National Academy of Sciences Member, Moungi G Bawendi
  • National Medal of Science, JoAnne Stubbe