SOS Staff Excellence Awards

The School of Science Staff Excellence Awards program recognizes the significant contributions SOS staff members make to the MIT community, particularly for accomplishments that go beyond their typical roles and duties.

Infinite Mile Award

All employees may be nominated for this award, including members of MIT's administrative staff, support staff, service staff, sponsored research staff, instructors, lecturers and postdoctoral researchers. Winners will receive a financial supplement reward of $2,000.00 (less applicable taxes), separate from base pay and yearly performance reviews. HHMI employees may be nominated for the award; however, they are not eligible to receive the cash portion of the award.

Nomination Categories

The proposed nominations should discuss in detail one or more of the following criteria areas. Please give specific examples to support your nominations.

  • Mentor Award: The nominee serves as a mentor, advising other community members either formally or informally. This person is available to colleagues, knowledgeable about MIT policies and procedures, and is willing to share this knowledge. This person has an exceptional ability to guide his or her colleagues and inspire them to attain goals, not only for personal satisfaction, but also for the good of Institute as a whole.
  • Perpetual Student Award: The nominee demonstrates their commitment to learning and growing their skills to support the Institute. This person is a continuous learner; for instance, taking training classes to learn directly applicable skills or taking classes at night to increase their knowledge base. They share their ideas, skills and knowledge with their peers, committing to the concept of "life-long-learning."
  • Innovator Award: The nominee creates solutions to problems large and small. They find simple solutions to the daily struggles and the annual hurdles of their groups. From streamlining ordering in the lab to organizing the paperwork in their office, their solutions grease the wheels of progress.
  • Community Builder Award: The nominee helps create, build, and nurture communities informally or formally. They help connect their colleagues across the lab, the floor, or the buildings to meet, share ideas, and share resources. They are also actively recruiting others to the MIT community bringing other exceptional employees to the MIT community.
  • Beyond Expectation Award: The nominee consistently goes above and beyond the requirements of their job to make MIT a better place. From giving people advice to notifying facilities when something is dangerous or out-of-place.
  • Student Advisor Award: The nominee is exceptionally dedicated to the well-being of our students, breaking down barriers to learning, providing personalized support for students, providing exceptional counsel to students, and providing advocacy on their behalf throughout the Institute.

Successful nominations are typically two to three pages long and include specific examples of the nominee's contributions.

Infinite Kilometer

This award is meant to recognize the outstanding contributions made by postdoctoral researchers and research staff in your labs. Recipients of these awards are exceptional contributors to their research programs. In many cases, they are also deeply committed to their local or global MIT community, as evidenced by involvement in mentoring and advising their junior colleagues, participating in our educational programs, making contributions to the MIT Postdoctoral Association, or contributing to some other facet of the MIT community.

For the Infinite Kilometer, the financial supplement will be $1,000. HHMI employees may be nominated for the award; however, they are not eligible to receive the cash portion of the award.

Nomination Guidelines

The following guidelines should be followed when nominating someone for an award:

  • Nominators may be either peers or supervisors of a nominee.
  • Successful nominations are typically brief (1-2 pages).
  • Previous award winners will not be eligible to receive another award for 1 year from the date of the first award received. 
  • All nominations should be submitted through the online nomination form.
  • Support letters that nominate Administrative Officers should be sent directly to Heather Williams, 6-131.
  • A selection committee will make the final selections from the School wide nominations. Winners will be notified by the award administrator.
  • An awards celebration will be held to honor the awardees.

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