Resources for Graduate Student Families
Graduate students’ families (a spouse, partner and/or children) contribute to the great diversity of the MIT community: 49% of MIT graduate students report having a spouse or partner and 9% report have at least one child (2001 Enrolled Graduate Student Survey), MIT is committed to supporting graduate students with families and giving them opportunites to share in MIT's rich culture. Following is a list of available resources including various offices, services, groups and networks.

Before You Arrive at MIT

Graduate and Family Housing: The Graduate and Family Housing website includes information to help you evaluate each residence and how to apply for housing.  

  • Eastgate Apartments:  201 unfurnished 1 &2 bedroom units; family resources and programming within the residence.
  • Westgate Apartments: 208 unfurnished efficiency, 1 & 2 bedroom units; family resources and programming within the residence.

MIT Technology Childcare Centers (TCC):  TCC care and education programs emphasize communication and language, respect for other cultures, and warm relationships between teachers, parents, and children. TCC includes four child care centers in Cambridge and one in Lexington.  Full‐time and part‐time infant, toddler, and preschool care is available, with a limited number of slots for graduate student families.

MIT Work‐Life Center: The Work-Life Center offers services such as individual consultations and referrals on child care and parenting, elder care, balancing work and personal life, are available at no cost to MIT students, staff, and faculty, as well as to their partners and families. The houses a lending library with more than 1,000 books for adults and children on a wide variety of work‐life topics.
  • Room 16‐151, Phone 617‐253‐1592, E‐mail
  • "Work-Life Resources 24/7" (1‐877‐847‐4523) allows MIT community members to reach consultants free of charge by phone.  Consultants can provide information about off-campus childcare and Boston/Cambridge area schools, elder/adult care, schools, legal/ financial concerns, relocation and daily living.

MIT Spouses& Partners Newcomers Guide: Provides information on moving to Boston andCambridge, money and finances, bills and utilities, transportation, and MIT ID cards for spouses and partners.

After You Arrive at MIT

Office of the Dean for Graduate Education (ODGE): The ODGE comprises the Office of the Dean for Graduate Education, the International Students Office, and the Graduate Student Council; together, they foster academic excellence and quality of life for MIT’s community of graduate students. The ODGE has focused areas of its current strategic plan on programs that effectively serve the identified needs of graduate student families.
  • Room 3‐138, Phone 617‐253‐4860, E‐mail
  • Childbirth Accommodation (Paid Maternity Leave): A student anticipating childbirth is eligible for Childbirth Accommodation, and may choose a period of one, one and a half, or two months. For students with RA appointments, the Fund will cover tuition and stipend. For TA appointments, the stipend component will be paid from the Fund, and the student will not be responsible for the TA tuition component.
  • Graduate Student Life Grants (GSLGs) for Family‐Focused Initiatives: GSLGs provide resources to families such as babysitting nights and social activities on campus for parents and children. The deadline for grant proposals is in the fall; see website for details. Contact the Grants program with questions at
  • Graduate Student Council (GSC): The GSC supports family activities through its funding board. Past activities have included Eastgate Fall Orientation BBQ, Westgate Christmas Party, and Families 101.
  • GSC Housing and Community Affairs (HCA) Families Subcommittee: Join the HCA Families Subcommmittee, which works on increasing family housing options, advocating for more affordable on‐ and off‐campus childcare options, maintaining high‐quality and affordable health care, and improving campus safety for families.
  • Grad Moms: The Grad Moms group meets for monthly lunches to share stories, find support, and connect with other graduate student and postdoc moms. Lunch dates are announced via
MIT Council on Family and Work: The Council on Family and Work monitors the quality of life at MIT and shares its impressions with senior administrators, key committees, and the larger community.


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