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Community Relations

The School of Science’s core mission is to explore the fundamental nature of the universe and bring that knowledge to bear on some of the world’s most difficult and pressing problems. Our goal is to make a better world through our shared pursuit of intellectual, creative, and technical excellence.

We believe that making a better MIT for every member of the community—students, staff, and faculty—is a prerequisite to making a better world. Success in our endeavors requires a safe and supportive environment that helps us face difficulties with persistence and resilience. We are committed to providing resources for the physical, emotional, and intellectual well-being of our community members, and believe that we have a shared responsibility to treat one another with respect and integrity.

Increasing the diversity and inclusiveness of the MIT community is essential to our mission. There can be no barrier to talent at MIT: solving some of the world’s most intractable problems will require a rich variety of perspectives and abilities. We welcome and encourage talented individuals of all racial, cultural, and socioeconomic backgrounds, sexual orientations, gender identities and expressions, and disabilities to join us in our pursuit of a better world.

Community Resources

I have an issue and I'm not sure where to begin. Who do I talk to?

What is MIT's policy on harassment?

Who do I contact in my department if I experience or observe harassment or abuse?

What are my other options for addressing harassment or violations of MIT  policy?

Where can I find student resources for conflict resolution?

Where can I find support for mental and physical health?

Where can I find Institute resources for diversity and inclusion?

What does the School of Science do to support diversity and inclusion?



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