Within the Quality of Life (SQoL) program,  the School of Science is pleased to offer funding for department-hosted events and a few small awards. This stands to contribute to the SQoL’s greater aims: to build community within the school, to promote inclusiveness for students, staff, and faculty of diverse identities, backgrounds, and abilities, and to support the physical, emotional, and intellectual well-being of our community members.

The SQoL program encourages projects that have wide appeal among school community members, but will also consider proposals that focus on specific groups if they cut across existing departmental and programmatic lines. Projects need not be ambitious in scope, so long as they encourage positive connections within the community. The program will consider proposals of all sizes, but each DLC will be capped at $500 per year. Please contact your administrative officer or human resources administrator for information on your unit’s allocation. In addition, proposals that have matching funds from other sources will be viewed favorably by the selection committee.

Please contact Ann E. Warner Harvey at 617-253-0049 or scienceqol@mit.edu for additional information.

Proposal guidelines

Please be sure to include the following information in your proposal:

  • Detailed description of the event
  • Explain how your proposal makes a difference in the quality of life of your local community.
  • A list of the types of people who you expect to attend the event (faculty, staff, students, with their affiliated units)
  • A detailed budget.
    • Please note: In general, funding will not cover equipment (cameras, computers, furniture). Proposals for house parties or research will not be considered. In addition, these funds cannot support charities. Proposal authors are expected to volunteer their time; stipends for the organizing team will not be considered.

After funding

Grant recipients will be asked to submit a summary report at the end of the semester describing their activities, community participation, and impact. We would also appreciate any photos of your events or activities, if available!

Apply for funding

Please enter the name of your DLCI's administrative officer and their email. They must approve and co-sign in order for this project to receive funding.
Please enter the names of any co-applicants, their affiliated units, and contact information including email. Proposal authors are expected to volunteer their time; stipends for the organizing team will not be considered for funding.

Implementation plan

Please include a detailed implementation plan below, including how rewards will be chosen, a timeline for planning, your publicity plan, target audiences, a detailed budget, and estimated time frames for events.
(Check all that apply)
Please let us know the amount of funds and provide a short justification of the fund. If you have other additional sources of funding for this activity, please note the amount and source.

If you do not receive confirmation of this submission within 48 hours, please contact us at scncinfo@mit.edu. Thank you!