Graduate students in the School of Science can find several resources below as well as through the Graduate Student Council. The School of Science offers graduate student fellowships. Learn more about the Dean’s Fellowship and other available Science Fellowships. Family benefits and policies for graduate students in the School of Science can be found here.

Science Graduate Student Council (SGSC)

Goal: The SGSC will provide a forum to exchange ideas among the graduate student bodies across the School, and it will discuss and advise me on matters of concern to your community.

Structure: Each of the six Science departments will have two or three representatives on the SGSC.  The SGSC will meet two times per semester with the Dean and possibly separately other times as desired.

The following graduate students are the current (2019-2020) members of the School of Science Graduate Student Council:

Biology Jaclyn Camuglia Alice Herneisen Laurel Kinman  
Brain and Cognitive Sciences Danielle Orozco Cosio Joey Velez-Ginorio  
Chemistry Cassandra Zentner Amro Dodin 18-034 6-222B
Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences Julia Wilcots Rohini Shivamoggi 54-1411
Mathematics Peter Haine Kaavya Valiveti 2-390B 2-337
Physics Carina Aiello Belvin Halston Lim 13-2134 37-624
School of Science Ann E. Warner-Harvey, Assistant Dean for Human Resources and Administration 617-253-8904