The MIT School of Science is overseeing access during the COVID-19 pandemic, which has resulted in the severe limitation of access to MIT Campus. Permission is severely limited!


  1. Campus police are no longer providing access to individuals who do not have approval to be on campus either through the Limited Access List (for PIs and their staff who have approved research projects) or for staff who have one-time access provided through this form: HTTP://IST.MIT.EDU/CAMPUS-SAFETY/REQUEST.
  2. Campus police will also no longer provide access to individuals whose cards do not work.
  3. Updates to the Limited Access List now occur on a weekly basis each Friday, so access will become available over the weekend after your access request has been granted.

To be added to the approved campus-access list:

If your request is related to research and you are not a faculty member or have principal investigator status who has already received an exemption that allows you access to campus, you will need to contact your Department Head/Director to ask them to support your request for access to campus. Once you have secured their support, you should fill out the “MIT Campus Access Exemption Request” Form with their written support for further review by the Dean, VPR, and Provost.

Once your research group has been granted permission, THEN you may fill out the second form, “MIT Campus Access Identification” Form, with identification details, which will permit individuals access to certain areas on campus through their MIT ID card.


  • If you want to CHANGE access, fill in the second form and check the appropriate box. Note that due to limited spots available, you will need to REMOVE an individual formerly approved to grant a new individual access.
  • Quiet Spaces are available in E17-294 for faculty to use with a reservation system through exchange (details are here).
  • You can also go directly to IS&T to request card access.
  • Any questions may be directed to Heather Williams or Kelly Murray. Any issues with the form should be sent to Laura Carter.