Earth, Atmospheric & Planetary Sciences

Earth, Atmospheric & Planetary Sciences

The Department of Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences investigates the physical, chemical, and biological systems that make up planets. Some scientists plumb the inaccessible depths of the Earth’s interior, others map the complexities of its atmospheres and oceans, and still others hunt for new planets in the vast reaches of our galaxy beyond.  

To achieve this expansive range of study—unlike any other in the country—EAPS researchers employ elements of geology, geochemistry, geophysics, geobiology, atmospheric science, oceanography, astronomy, and planetary science. The department is distinguished by a strong emphasis on quantitative training, combined with a rigorous commitment to both field work and laboratory studies. EAPS researchers and students take full advantage of their East Coast location as well as conduct field work around the globe, exploring Earth's solid terrain and interior and its atmosphere and oceans.


Selected Awards and Honors

  • National Academy of Sciences Member, Gordon H Pettengill
  • American Philosophical Society Resident Member, Carl Isaac Wunsch
  • National Academy of Sciences Member, Richard Siegmund Lindzen