MIT’s School of Science is an amazing enterprise that strives to carry out research at the most exciting frontiers of science. By constantly pushing the limits, we have the chance to discover answers to deep philosophical questions, as well as problems with obvious practical implications. Providing these brilliant and creative minds with the support they need takes resources. We invite you to contribute to this effort with your financial support. Please look at the projects and programs identified as core needs for the School to see if they align with your aspirations.

Funding Priorities

  • There has never been a greater need – or a greater urgency – to address the burdens of the aging brain, from cognitive decline to Alzheimer's disease.
  • For MIT to succeed at its long tradition of innovation, we need to sustain and grow our rich diversity of ideas and cultures and nurture the talents of the best and brightest, wherever they are found.
  • Graduate students are essential to the School of Science’s preeminence in research and its success in teaching.
  • The ability to make bold and experimental approaches makes it possible for our talented faculty and students to solve some of the universe’s deepest mysteries and the world’s most intractable problems.
Please contact Elizabeth Chadis if you are considering a gift to the School of Science:

Elizabeth Chadis

Assistant Dean for Development
t: 617-253-8903