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Brain & Cognitive Sciences

Brain & Cognitive Sciences


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Department Head: James DiCarlo


Brain & Cognitive Sciences

Brain science and cognitive science are complementary and interactive in their research objectives. Both approaches examine perception, performance, and intervening processes in humans and animals. Central issues in the discipline include the interpretation of sensory experience; the reception, manipulation, storage, and retrieval of information within the nervous system; and the planning and execution of motor activity. Higher level functions include the development of formal and informal reasoning skills; and the structure, acquisition, use, and internal representation of human language. 

The Bachelor of Science in Brain and Cognitive Sciences (Course IX) prepares students for graduate training in neuroscience, medicine, cognitive science, psychology, linguistics, philosophy, or aspects of artificial intelligence (particularly those aspects concerned with vision) as well as for further work in the area of efficient human-machine interaction. Methods of inquiry in the brain and cognitive sciences are drawn from molecular, cellular, and systems neuroscience; cognitive and perceptual psychology; computer science and artificial intelligence; linguistics; philosophy of language and mind; and mathematics. The undergraduate program is designed to provide instruction in the relevant aspects of these various disciplines. 

Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences-Undergraduate Program

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