Family Benefits & Resources for Staff

General Resources for Family Support 

MIT Work-Life Center

The MIT Work-Life Center offers a range of direct services and resources to promote the health and well-being of MIT community members and their families. The Center also provides a free 24-7 consultation line to help with many work-life questions and issues, small or large. 

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Family Leave

Leaves Provided under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

In accordance with the FMLA, eligible employees are entitled to an unpaid leave of up to 12 weeks in a one-year period for pregnancy, the care of a new infant or an child newly placed with the employee for adoption or foster care, or the serious health condition of the employee’s child, parent, domestic partner, or spouse. 

Maternity Leave

Employees should consult with their Human Resources Officer to ensure that they understand their full rights under federal and state law as well as Institute leave programs.

Female administrative (exempt) staff members are eligible for eight weeks of leave at 100% pay for childbirth. Four additional weeks of unpaid leave may be obtained under FMLA.

Female support (non-exempt) staff members are eligible for up to 12 paid and unpaid weeks of leave.  Using accrued sick time, up to four weeks of leave at 100% pay may be used for childbirth. Four additional weeks of leave at 75% pay may be obtained using extended sick leave.

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Child & Elder Care

Adult and Senior Care

The Work-Life Center offers several resources to support MIT community members who care for senior or adult family members, including free consultations with geriatric social workers, senior care support groups, and backup care for adult and senior family members.

Backup Adult and Child Care Programs

Eligible MIT employees can sign up for BackupCare to arrange for day or night in-home care for children or another family member who needs assistance. Employees are responsible for the hourly cost of screened and trained caretakers. 

Child Care Information

The Work-Life Center provides workshops and resources for finding, evaluating, and using child care services.

Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account

Eligible MIT employees can set aside up to $5,000 pre-tax salary in a flex account to spend on day care, preschool, day camps, and after school care.

On-Campus Lactation Rooms

MIT has several dedicated lactation rooms around campus intended for the use of the MIT community, and the School of Science and its departments sponsor several more for their own communities. All rooms have at minimum locking doors, good lighting and ventilation, electrical outlets, a comfortable chair, waste baskets and cleaners, and a nearby refrigerator and sink. 


The Work-Life Center offers a range of resources for families seeking information about schools and education.

Technology Childcare Centers

MIT hosts five Technology Childcare Centers, four on the main campus and one at the Lincoln Laboratory, managed by Bright Horizons Family Solutions. 

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Tuition Support for Children

Children’s Scholarship Plan

Dependent children of eligible MIT employees who are admitted to and enroll at MIT will have their full tuition covered.

Educational Loan Plan

MIT offers low-interest loans to eligible MIT employees to help with the cost of an undergraduate or graduate college education for dependent children.

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