Dispute Resolution Resources & Community Standards for Students

Committee on Discipline

The Committee on Discipline adjudicates cases of alleged misconduct by a student brought to its attention.

Conflict Management@MIT

Conflict Management @ MIT builds capacity within the Institute community to deal effectively with conflict by working with Institute students, faculty and staff to improve their conflict management skills and give them opportunities to practice and reflect on those skills. Conflict Management @ MIT also offers dispute resolution services to graduate and undergraduate students.

Resources for Easing Friction and Stress (REFS) Programs

REFS provide low barrier, informal, confidential* services to their peers to support, encourage, defuse, and informally mediate during times of uncertainty, stress or conflict. REFS can provide information about appropriate resources and make informed referrals. Issues addressed can range anywhere from lab-partners to advisors to personal issues.

REFS programs by department:

Student Support Services (S3)

Student Support Services provides personal, academic, and administrative support in an accessible and respectful environment. Student Support Services provides specific assistance with excuse notes, excused absences (OXs), Committee on Academic Performance advocacy, withdrawals, and readmissions. In addition, S3 is a hub of resources, referrals, and information across the MIT community and works very closely with MIT Medical/Mental Health and Counseling to get students the support they need.


Additional Resources For: