Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship & Excellence in Education Program

MIT School of Science and School of Engineering students are invited to apply to the Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship and Excellence in Education Program.

Established by Congress in 1986, the Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship and Excellence In Education Foundation operates an educational scholarship program designed to provide opportunities for outstanding US students with excellent academic records and demonstrated interest in, and potential for, careers in mathematics, the natural sciences, and engineering.

The scholarship award covers eligible expenses up to a maximum of $7,500 per year. Junior scholarship recipients can expect to receive a maximum of two years of support. Senior scholarship recipients are eligible for a maximum of one year of support. MIT may nominate up to four students, two from Science and two from Engineering.

To be eligible, a student must be a current full-time sophomore or junior, must be pursuing a degree in one of the listed fields above, and be a US citizen. Those with permanent resident status must provide a letter of intention to obtain US citizenship.

In September, the nomination process begins. Students must contact their Academic Administrator to confirm they are eligible to participate in the process. Those who are eligible will be required to submit:

1.    Resumé
2.    Two page essay that follows the Goldwater guidelines
3.    Unofficial MIT transcript
4.    List of three MIT faculty who have agreed to write a letter of recommendation

The deadline for submission varies among departments, so please check with your Academic Administrator. Around the week of Thanksgiving, your department will submit one student to represent the department and the Dean will select two of those candidates to represent the School of Science.

The two selected candidates are required to submit the following by late January:

1.   Official transcript, submitted to the Office of the Dean (6-131)
2.   Online Goldwater registration
3.   Three faculty letters of recommendation, to be submitted by the faculty member directly to Goldwater

In April, the Foundation will award scholarships to students who will be college juniors or seniors during the following academic year.

For more information please contact Michael Bishop or visit the Goldwater Scholarship website.

Past MIT Goldwater Scholar Recipients

School of Science: Hannah Diehl, Physics
School of Engineering: Bryce Hwang, EECS
School of Science: Felipe Hernandez, Math; Julia Page, Chemistry
School of Engineering: Kaustav Gopinathan, EEES; Margaret Guo, EECS
School of Science: Carl Lian, Mathematics
School of Engineering: Daniel Kang, EECS
School of Science: Honorable Mention to Catherine Koch, Biology
School of Engineering: Colleen Loynachan, Department of Materials Science and Engineering
School of Science: Nityan L. Nair, Physics; P. Bryan Changala, Chemistry
School of Engineering: Joshua D. Cohen, Department of Mechanical Engineering; Shaunak Kishore, Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
School of Science: Alex T. Via, Chemistry; Vinay Tripuraneni, Biology
School of Engineering: Allen Lin, Department of Chemical Engineering; Omar Abudayyeh, Department of Mechanical Engineering
School of Science: Maria Monks, Mathematics; Sidney Cruetz, Chemistry
School of Engineering: Vidya Ganapati, EECS; Alvin Chen, Chemistry
School of Science: Sunny S. Lou, Biology; Annelise Beck, Chemistry
School of Engineering: Jennifer E. Yeh, Chemical Engineering
School of Science: George S. Zaidan, Chemistry
School of Engineering: Lucia Tian Tian, EECS
School of Science: Daniel Kane, Mathematics/ Physics
School of Engineering: Jennifer Choy, Nuclear Science & Engineering/ Physics; Alexander Bagley, Chemical Engineering/ Biology
School of Science: Jacob Fox, Mathematics; Alicia Zhou, Biology
School of Engineering: Kevin K. Miu, Mechanical Engineering
School of Science: Andrew J. Danford, Jr., Chemistry; Vivek Venkatachalam, Soph., Physics
School of Engineering: Kathy C. Lin, Jr. Civil Engineering; Peter G. Miller, Jr., Chemical Engineering
School of Science: Irit Rappley, Jr., Brain & Cognitive Science
School of Engineering: Aadel Chaudhui, Jr., Electrical Eng/Biology; Lauren Tsai, Jr., Mechanical Engineering
School of Science: Jason Rolfe, Jr., Mathematics
School of Engineering: Bradley Olsen, Jr., Chemical Engineering; Terry Yu, Electrical Engineering/ Physics

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