Lourie Hosts the School of Science

Robert Lourie ’82 (VIII), Ph.D. ’86 (VIII) hosted an event on his yacht Prediction on June 20, 2014. Over 40 people attended, which included School of Science alumni and friends, faculty, and Lourie Fellows. Former Chairman of the Corporation, John Reed, gave remarks and shared updates about MIT and the School of Science. He also spoke about the importance of support for basic science, shared his involvement as a donor, and announced that he and his wife Cindy had created the first Fundamental Science Investigator Award in the School of Science. Lourie then spoke about his experience at MIT as an undergraduate and graduate student in the Physics Department and thanked his advisor Professor Bill Bertozzi, who was in attendance, for all of his support. Lourie said he was glad he was in a position to give back to MIT and to support graduate fellowships in the Physics Department. Lourie Fellows Gabriel Collin, Charles Epstein, Rebecca Russell, and Jing Wang were in attendance.