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Building a Diverse STEM Pipeline
For MIT to succeed at its long tradition of innovation, we need to sustain and grow our rich diversity of ideas and cultures and nurture the talents of the best and brightest, wherever they are found.

The School of Science is committed to increasing diversity at all levels, from students to postdoctoral scholars to faculty. While we are proud of the advances we have made in increasing diversity at the School, our efforts are limited by the smaller percentages of underrepresented minorities and women interested in pursuing science, technology, engineering and mathematical (STEM) fields at every stage in education, from grade school to graduate school. To increase the diversity of MIT’s academic community, the School supports a number of outreach programs designed to fill the STEM “pipeline” with talent from every demographic.

Your gift to one of the School’s student outreach programs will enable highly talented minority and female students to explore their interests in STEM fields at one of the world’s best research institutions, build sustaining relationships with like-minded peers, and—importantly—encourage them to apply to and attend MIT. 

MathROOTS Fund (3892422)

MathROOTS invites advanced high school students in underserved communities to spend more than a week at MIT to develop their math skills. The program designed to encourage highly talented minority and female students to persist in their passion for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields through college and beyond; to give them a sense of belonging; and to expose them to the kinds of advanced math that will keep them inspired. Of the high school seniors that attended the inaugural program in 2015, half chose to attend MIT.

Biology/BCS/CBMM Summer Research Internship Fund (3838900)

This 10-week research-intensive summer training program is designed to encourage students from underrepresented minority groups, first-generation college students, and students from economically-disadvantaged backgrounds to attend graduate school and pursue a career in fundamental research by providing them the opportunity to conduct supervised research in a top-notch research institution in a supportive learning environment with plenty of interaction with graduate students and faculty. Over 85% of past participants have enrolled in top graduate programs within two years of completing this summer program. A number of summer interns were also awarded Goldwater Scholarships, 3-year pre-doctoral NSF fellowships, or 5-year Gilliam Fellowships for Advanced Study.

PRIMES Fund in Mathematics (3895820)

MIT PRIMES is a free, year-long after-school research program for local students from urban public high schools. Students work on individual and group research projects in higher-level mathematics, computer science, or computational biology and participate in reading groups under the guidance of mentors, usually graduate students or postdoctoral scholars. Half of PRIMES alumni have enrolled at MIT, and many others have attended top-level universities, such as Harvard, Stanford, Caltech, and Princeton.


Please contact Elizabeth Chadis if you are considering a gift to the School of Science:

Elizabeth Chadis

Assistant Dean for Development
t: 617-253-8903