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The Aging Brain Initiative
There has never been a greater need – or a greater urgency – to address the burdens of the aging brain, from cognitive decline to Alzheimer's disease.

This is a global challenge. Dementias of aging now claim 35 million people worldwide, with the numbers poised to double every 20 years. The annual cost  – now estimated at US $604 billion  – is growing faster than the number of sufferers.

If we hope to make progress, the sooner we begin, the better. Without breakthrough treatments, Alzheimer's disease alone will bankrupt healthcare systems worldwide and create social, economic, and political challenges that will be near impossible to meet.

The fact is that advances in research on the aging brain are one of the most cost-effective approaches to fighting age-related diseases. They could lead to novel treatments that extend beyond Alzheimer's disease, dementia, and cognitiv e decline to diabetes, cancer, heart disease, and other scourges of our aging bodies.

The Aging Brain Initiative was established at MIT to make these advances possible. The Initiative brings MIT's leading aging researches with distinguished collaborators from around the world to work on research projects, attend workshops, and share resources. Its members represent the neurosciences, biology and bioengineering, computer science, artificial intelligence, and the clinical environment. 

Your gift to the Aging Brain Initiative would help support a bold, multidisciplinary research effort that aims to transform the process of study, discovery, and rapid integration of research into the clinical setting and to establish a long-term investment platform that addresses this global health imperative.

The Aging Brain Initiative Fund (38956642)

Please contact Elizabeth Chadis if you are considering a gift to the School of Science:

Elizabeth Chadis

Assistant Dean for Development
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