ical departmental seminar 4.24 Nuclear and Particle Physics Colloquium (NPPC)
3:00pm to 4:00pm 26-414 Nicole Laraia
Title: Searching for ultralight dark matter with atomic spectroscopy and magnetic resonance Abstract: Axions, axion-like particles (ALPs), dilatons, and other ultralight (masses from 10-4 down to 10-23 eV) particles have been discussed as possible candidates for dark matter. An interesting feature of these ideas is that they lead to predictions of potentially observable transient and oscillating effects. I will describe how we are looking for these as well as the relation of such experiments to tests of fundamental symmetries (P, CP, T, CPT ???). For up-to-date information on our various experiments in this area (CASPEr, GNOME, differential atomic-dysprosium clock, etc.), please refer to the web pages [1,2]. [1] https://budker.uni-mainz.de/ [2] http://budker.berkeley.edu/