ical science/engineering 3.24 The Convergence of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Towards Enabling Autonomous Driving
3:30pm to 4:30pm 10-250 Kathleen D. Sullivan
Abstract: The field of transportation is undergoing a seismic change with the coming introduction of autonomous driving. The technologies required to enable computer driven cars involves the latest cutting edge artificial intelligence algorithms along three major thrusts: Sensing, Planning and Mapping. I will describe the challenges and the kind of machine learning algorithms involved, and will do that through the perspective of Mobileye???s activity in this domain. Bio: Prof. Amnon Shashua holds the Sachs chair in computer science at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. His field of expertise is computer vision and machine learning. For his academic achievements, he received the MARR prize Honorable Mention in 2001, the Kaye innovation award in 2004, and the Landau award in exact sciences in 2005. In 1999 Prof. Shashua co-founded Mobileye, which develops a system-on-chip and computer vision algorithms for a driving assistance system. In 2010 Prof. Shashua co-founded OrCam which harnesses the power of artificial vision to assist people who are visually impaired or blind.